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US-UK volume measurement

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Legal measurement unit

1cubic meter(m³)=1000liter(liter)= 1000cubic decimeter(dm³)

1cubic decimeter=1000cubic centimeter

1cubic centimeter=1000cubic millimeter

British and American units of measurement

1cubic feet(ft)= 0.0283cubic meter(m3)= 28.317liter(liter)

1Thousand cubic feet(mcf)= 28.317cubic meter(m3)

1Million cubic feet(MMcf)=2.831710,000 cubic meters(m3)

10billion cubic feet(bcf)= 2831.710,000 cubic meters(m3)

1Trillion cubic feet(tcf)= 283.17billion cubic meters(m3)

1cubic inches(in)= 16.3871cubic centimeter(cm3)

1acre·feet=1234cubic meter(m3) 1bucket(bbl)= 0.159cubic meter(m3)= 42US gallons(gal)

1US gallons(gal)= 3.785liter(l)

1mega quart(qt)= 0.946liter(l) 1pint(pt)= 0.473liter(l) 1Meggie(gi)= 0.118liter(l)

1British gallons(gal)= 4.546liter(l)

Ancient Chinese measurement unit

1 stone (dàn) = 10 buckets (dǒu)

1 hu (hú) = this is 10 buckets, later changed to 5 buckets

1 bucket (dǒu) = 10 liters

1 辠(yuè) = 0.5 合(gě)

1 liter = 10 (gě)

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