serial numbermethoddescription
1GETRequest the specified page information and return the entity body.
2HEADSimilar to a get request, except that there is no specific content in the returned response, which is used to get the header
3POSTSubmit data to the specified resource for processing requests (such as submitting a form or uploading a file). Data is included in the request body. POST requests may result in the creation of new resources and/or the modification of existing resources.
4PUTThe data sent from the client to the server replaces the content of the specified document.
5DELETERequest the server to delete the specified page.
6CONNECTThe HTTP/1.1 protocol is reserved for proxy servers that can change the connection to pipe mode.
7OPTIONSAllows the client to view the performance of the server.
8TRACEEchoes the request received by the server, mainly for testing or diagnosis.
9PATCHThe entity contains a table, which describes the difference from the original content represented by the URI.
10MOVERequest the server to move the specified page to another network address.
11COPYRequest the server to copy the specified page to another network address.
12LINKRequest the server to establish a link relationship.
13UNLINKDisconnect the link.
14WRAPPEDAllow clients to send encapsulated requests.
15Extension-mothedUnder the premise of not changing the protocol, another method can be added.
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