Network and IP address calculator

Display network, broadcast, first and last given network address

The netmask "bit format" is also known as CIDR format (CIDR=Classless Inter-Domain Routing).

Subnet mask converter (bit decimal format)

Network/Node Calculator

Decimal subnet mask inverse calculator

Decimal subnet mask converter

Calculate the bit to add an IP address (inverse)

Network and IP address calculator

network listNetwork ,mask0.0.0.0"×

Network host Broadcast address
start end

Calculate the mask address converter by the number of hosts

TCP/IP hex converter

mask converted to the number of available network addresses

IP multicast address range

All multicast addresses can be easily recognized because the parity pattern "1110" starts. - multicast address, control channel - (Internet wide) multicast address - multicast address

Subnet mask calculatorintro

LAN planning tool, calculation and division of subnets, conversion of each system of subnet mask, conversion of IP address system. .

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